Weapon Groups

Weapon groups replaces the standard weapon classification found in the D&D Next playtest packet. Instead of weapons being ‘simple’, ‘standard’, or ‘exotic’, weapons are assorted together by type. Characters gain proficiency in these weapon groups based on their class. Using weapons from groups you are not proficient in still causes you to have disadvantage on your attack rolls.

All characters are proficient with the Basic Weapons group (club, dagger, quarterstaff, unarmed strike).

Exotic weapons require taking the Exotic Weapon Training feat. When taken, you are granted proficiency with all exotic weapons in a specific group you are already proficient in.

Weapon Groups

Below are the various weapon groups. Not every weapon of a group is listed; but the weapons listed in the playtest packet are all there.


Battleaxe, greataxe, handaxe

Basic Weapons

Club, dagger, quarterstaff, unarmed strike


Longbow, shortbow


Cestus, club, greatclub, mace, morningstar


Hand crossbow, heavy crossbow, light crossbow

Exotic Weapons

  • Axes: Double axe, urgosh
  • Crossbows: Repeating crossbow
  • Flails and Chains: Orc double flail, whip
  • Monk Weapons: Whip
  • Picks and Hammers: Hooked hammer
  • Slings and Thrown Weapons: Blowgun, bolas, net
  • Spears and Lances: Urgosh


Bolt pistol, bolt rifle


Flail, Spiked Chain

Heavy Blades

Bastard sword, great sword, long sword, katana, scimitar

Light Blades

Dagger, ethryn featherblade, rapier, short sword

Monk Weapons

kama, katana, nunchaku, sai, siangham, wakisashi

Picks and Hammers

Light hammer, maul, war pick, warhammer


Bill, glaive, halberd, ranseur

Slings and Thrown Weapons

Dart, javelin, sling, handaxe

Spears and Lances

Spear, lance, longspear, trident

Weapon Groups

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