Countries, Empires, Regions, and Kingdoms

Below are the political realms of the Iron Domains. Regions are mostly inspired/blatantly ripped off from real world historical places. This is done so that everyone gets a similar idea about an area in the campaign world that isn’t fleshed out yet (to keep us on the same page).

A Political map of the Iron Domains:
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Main article: Anasra

A domain ruled by a single monarch, Anasra is in the throes of religious revolution. The land is under constant threat of the Thracian Empire, and a dastardly plague is beginning to spread throughout. Many Anasrans seek haven under the new religious movement, and several of the cities and townships within are currently in civil war.

The Black Valleys

Main article: The Black Valleys

South of Pacutec lies the Black Valleys. Within the steep forested mountains are many mysteries of southern kingdoms long dead. Many say these kingdoms had technology more advanced than that of the Yenji. As such, Yhitanese expeditions into the valleys aren’t uncommon. However, many of the local tribes violently oppose Yhitanese foreign research, and thus many of the expeditions turn into territorial wars.


Main article: Boreale

A land very similar in geography and climate to that of Hpora, Boreale is a relatively quiet domain. Mostly rid of savage species long ago by Noth, much of the southern and eastern regions of Boreale are occupied by growing noth settlements. To the north, dark elves dwell in the deep caverns below the permafrost, the cold keeping most of them below the surface. The southern coast of Boeale is home to the domed city of Giaus, Titan’s Hilt.


Main article: Campuchea

Beautiful temples and monasteries are a quintessential trait of Campuchea (as with nearly all of the eastern domains). Contrary to its architecture and exotic green fauna, Campuchea is also a country plagued by genocide as the long-reigning tyrant seeks to destroy his political enemies by enslaving and killing their people en masse. The once-rejected monks of Campuchea have remained self-isolated, but are now being beckoned by diplomats outside of their monasteries to help defend the lives inside of these targeted cities.


Main article: Castillo

Dwarven ports line the coast with trade settlements farther north. Has the largest concentration of Castille in the Domains.


Main article: Chawela

Once an egalitarian society, Chawela has a growing elite class that hoards much of the wealth from foreign sea trade. These elite Chawelans are constructing impressive monuments and religious centers. Deadly disease also wracks the people here, many of whom are enraged by foreign influence and the growing social gap. Educated Chawelans blame the disease on rumours of plague in the north, but most blame the spreading sickness on the wealthy who have displeased the gods. However, those outspoken in this opinion often see themselves sacrificed by the elite to the very same gods.


Main article: Diashan

One of the oldest regions of the mezzodomain, Diashan lies east of Reshan and Uta-kuru. Once an influential empire that set the precedent for warfare, Diashan fell into a conglomeration of several small kingdoms. Many languages pervade the area, and each kingdom has its own language and dialects. Ancient battlegrounds are still littered with the remains of the dead, which are left undisturbed by the locals.


Main article: Echor

‘Echor’ is elven for surrounded by mountains. A province, primarily inhabited by Urbane elves. The few cities of Echor are still nearly homogenous, as non-elves tend to not fair well in the act of assuming station within the urbane culture. The forests beyond the cities are beautiful and tall, and several Ethryn tribes skulk these areas, careful to remain unnoticed by the predators within. It is known that there are many ways into the Underdark in Echor. These earthen portals are avoided by all but bold outsiders seeking whatever rumoured wealth is to be had below.


Main article: Guadaledo

Dwarven islands. Large dwarven cities span from the island beaches to the mountain tops. Home to many Bolo Caza.

The Hidden Kingdoms

Main article: The Hidden Kingdoms

Deep within the thick rainforests of the southwest domains lie many lost kingdoms. It is said that some of these cities may be alive yet, ruled by primeval chiefs truly isolated from the rest of the world.


Main article: Hpora

Hpora is a cold, coniferous region north of the Sea of Gemstones. Many small confederations dot the landscape; most of these towns are populated by noth. Hpora is known for its peak tree lumber, its artisans, its durable steel, and its violent blizzards. Trade is mostly admitted through sea faring. Goblinoids and mountain orcs are persistently problematic — Hporan resources and craftsmanship are coveted, and because the noth refuse trade with these races, plundering attempts are not uncommon. Other races, such as frost giants, walk the windswept passes to the north, which occasionally reveal an old dragon’s cove every now and then (for those who look).


Main article: Izia

Vast icy plains dominate most of Izia. To the north, glaciers line the coasts and The North Doors creep down the western border to Hpora. Civilized people populate the southern regions, mainly dwarves and humans. Savage races, namely orcs, goblinoids, and gnolls dwell in the north, warring with one another for resources.


Main article: Juadalera

In the southern reaches, the young domain of Juadalera emerges as a growing land of Bolo Caza and Castille dwarves. Native perians are forced to adapt to their region being occupied and colonized by the dwarves. Many of these hin have relocated northwest to Chawela, where at least their gods remain as what is primarily worshiped. Those who remain in the dwarven port towns have either assimilated into dwarven society, or formed thieves guilds. The guilds in Juadalera are cutthroat — no cargo or merchant is sacred. Conflict between the guilds has taken a toll on the political climate; many involved are killed in wars over territory, piracy, and illegal trafficking.


Kabahn is mostly inhabited by humans who share close ancestry to the noth.


Main article: Khaposso

A relatively small island located across the Gemstone Sea west of Kosh and Reshan, Khaposso is lidded in thick rainforest.




North Africa-looking. Wealthy. Good trade. Tall Stone cities.


Central-africa inspired. Think the Congo.


Basically Japan for our weeaboo players (Brent).


Elven for ‘forgotten’ or some shit (hint hint). Basically an isolated celtic type of place.






Another weeaboo island. This one should be slightly different than Kyusho.




Basically Aztec-ia.

Okkaladian Empire

See: Akkadians. U mad?


Dorfs. Stone. Underground stuff. Maybe some Drow in there dawg.


Italia policia


Mayan-esque area




Eastern Yuropean feel


Canaan (historical Semitic-speaking region roughly corresponding to the Levant (modern-day Israel, Palestinian territories, Lebanon, and the western parts of Jordan and Syria) — NOT Canaan Hill.

Thracian Empire (Thrace)

Main article: Thracian Empire (Thrace)

A tetrarchy ruled by four dukes of (somewhat) equal power, Thrace is a growing empire. The dukes conquer land by both diplomacy and warfare, offering their technology and citizen labour for ownership of land. As their borders expand, the distance in which each duke rules apart becomes greater — corruption is tempting, and one duke doesn’t rule as lawfully as the next.

Tortugean Islands

Caribbean islands basically




If Turkey, pakastan, india, and china had a baby.


Egypt lol


Scandinavian-esque region

The Willows

If the Hin created their own Switzerland.


Menacing environment, primitive, canyons, hot, dinosaurs!


Ancient China. The Yenji humans originate here (though politically they’re called Yhitanese).

Geographical Features of the Iron Domains

Bodies of Water

Bay of Sleeping Ships – Bay located south of Hpora and north of Anasra.
Sea of Gemstones – The central sea that connects many of the regions of the Iron Domains.




The North Doors – Tall, rigid mountains that line the border between Hpora and Izia.


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