House Rules

For our adventures in The Iron Domains we will be using the D&D Next playtest packets. This does add an element of difficulty absent from our usual games as we will not have the physical book at the table. However, I do encourage players to sign up for the playtest and download the pdfs of the rules. They will contain the materials needed to create your character.

Any material we add to the character creation process or gameplay mechanics will be located in this section of the wiki.

Character Creation

Alternate Alignment – An different nine-alignments system to be used loosely (and mainly for inspiration).

Backgrounds and Feats – Homebrew Backgrounds and feats not included in the playtest packets.

Classes – Homebrew classes not included in the playtest packet. This page also includes any changes made to the official playtest classes.

Races of The Domains – Some of the races of the world. Not every race is included, and new races can be created at any time.

External links for Character Creation

Ash’s Guide to RPG Personality & Background – useful tool for randomly generating types and quirks of the many facets of an individual’s personality and background. You could also just read the options and choose at will or use them for further refined ideas.


Silver Standard – Detailing the silver coin standard, which replaces the default gold coin standard.

Weapon Dice – A mechanic that replaces Martial Damage Dice with Weapon Dice. Important.

Weapon Groups – A replacement of ‘simple’, ‘standard’, and ‘special’ weapons, this rule groups similar weapons together based on type.

House Rules

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