Ethryn are a humanoid race native to the large plains west of Anasra. Ethryn are perceived by the other races as a desperate, opportunist people who are typically lawless and crude. Their appeal to other races as civilized beings has nearly diminished almost entirely and most have reverted to being rogues, nomads, and barbarians. As such, they are generally distrusted by all other races. Only a couple Ethryn societies remain with a ruling order intact, and even within these establishments there is a clear line of separation among social classes and are often hot with crime and civil conflict.


Ethryn are taller than humans, a male Ethryn standing at around an average of 6’2" and weighing about 150 lbs. Females being roughly the same size, albeit shorter. They are slender, lean, and generally in good physical condition. Skin tones vary, but are generally the same as human tones, albeit with yellow, blue, and green undertones instead of pink or olive. Their hair is always straight. Hair colors are dark iridescent blues, black, as well as brown. They have long elf-like ears. Males have shoulder spots which are symmetrical and patterned. While these used to be valued signs of family lineage many have stopped honoring this knowledge and tradition.


Ethryn are known for criminal behavior. Whether or not a particular Ethryn is a criminal or not is usually overshadowed by his or her race when it comes to bigots. Many other races who hear stories of Ethryn in other lands who rape and murder and topple over their established governments without conscience are wary of Ethryn if they ever encounter one (even if they are not outright racists). As such, Ethryn may have a hard time dealing with races outside of their own, and may have to gain a more significant amount of trust before it is actually given.

Racial Abilities

  • +1 Dexterity
  • Keen Sense
  • Hide while only lightly obscured at no penalty
  • Elven weapon training
  • Trance
  • Immune to sleep effects


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